Book Presentation Una mirada hacia el sur

Author and Photographer| Clara Andres
Co-author | Mariano Caballero

Editor | Sarah Jane Scott

Translation | Mariano Caballero and Clara Tilde

Photo essay  | Argentina 2014


Buenos Aires became a city that, for me, symbolises the endless facets and complexity of life. A megacity that is constantly growing, uncontrollably and imperfectly. Concrete rising to the sky. Arbitrarily. Overwhelming. The diversity and chaos speaks its own order and everyone seems to understand this language. Rationally and irrationally. Every moment here, the air breathes itself as if the city could collapse anytime; but it just keeps on running. And in this place, with all its idiosyncrasies, the orchestra that plays the city, hasn’t had a rest for years. And the echo of the music transforms the waves like the rising lilac from the blossoming trees that, once a year, in a fine tender detail, fills the city´s avenues with all its beauty.