Viral Revolutions: Rushes from an Unfinished Domino

Solo performance | Kaveh Ghaemi

Video and Sound installation  | Iman Ganji, Noel Labridy and Clara Andres

Artistic support | Ashkan Afsharian

2020 | Art Lab Berlin during the long-term project Where Have All the Jasmines Gone. The exhibition Re/visions presented the works of four artists and filmmakers whose work address different aspects of re-thinking and re-constructing in the aftermath of conflict.

Through videos, texts, and testimonies, the artists explore how revolutionary movements around the world are connected and spread through inspirational drive. New forms of communication aided in transmitting ideas across large regions, from the countries of the Middle East to the so-called Global North.

The project offers a glimpse into the situation at the beginning of the last decade (2010 – 2013) during the Arab Spring and Occupy Movements, while also reflecting on the current situation during the first year of our new decade with the continuation of the struggle and resistance in many of the same countries.